Steve Woods


Release your Stress and Anxiety. Increase your Confidence and Motivation. Boost your productivity.

As Hypnotist and Director at Experiential Hypnosis Ltd I help you to release the blocks holding you back and move forward with rapid and long-lasting change. In most cases in just two sessions.

Whether a fear, phobia or habit. Whether you need focus or motivation for business or sport. Maybe you just want to feel fitter and healthier or you just need some relaxation and regular great sleep. I guide you to bring rapid change.

I can also help save you money on staff sickness by reducing employee stress, improving wellbeing and helping to increase your profits and productivity with improved morale and mood.

To better understand what I do and how it can help I offer FREE 30 minute consultations either face to face in person or remotely using Skype as well as awareness sessions for companies and organisations.

It was a pleasure to have Steve accompany us at our roadshows and we are very pleased with the response and feedback received. We would be delighted to invite him back again in the future. Thank you Steve.
Sally Beardsmore

Occupational Health & Wellbeing Officer